Xuefeng Chen × YISHAN BOOKS 一善儿童书店

“一粒种子,一部作品” 儿童工作坊
[One seed, One work] Children Workshop

2023年10月5日在阿那亚友谊湾一善书店,FISHER ART艺术家陈雪峰带领小朋友开启了一场奇妙种子的艺术之旅!通过让小朋友对4种不同的种子不同维度(大小、形状、颜色、触感)的认真观察和感知,结合艺术视觉联想,画出自己对种子的观察,将自然的语言转化成独特创造力的艺术创作,让想象的“种子”在纸上发芽。


Just on the 5th of October, artist Xuefeng Chen by FISHER ART led the children, on a wonderful journey of seed art at Yishan Books, Aranya!

By allowing children to carefully observe and perceive different seeds from the four different dimensions of size, shape, color and touch, they combine their own imagination to draw the seeds they observe, transform natural language into unique artistic creativity, and let the imaginary “seeds” germinate on paper.