Xuefeng Chen × New York Times for kids China 栩栩多多
《栩栩多多》 封面创作

我们的艺术家陈雪峰「Xuefeng Chen」为中英双语儿童杂志《栩栩多多》的七月八月合刊创作了一张名字为 「The way of sea」的封面。


Our artist has created a cover illustration titled (The Way of the Sea) for the August issue of New York Times for kids_China栩栩多多.

The cover shows a blue whale that lives in deep water, far from humans. Glowing krill surround when blue whale swims, a crystalline band of light that connects the sea to the sky, the galaxy to the universe. The original idea of was to express the grandeur of the majestic blue whale as it swims, and humans become its babies. The Utopia of tiny creatures, people, and huge blue whales living in harmony in the painting is something we should think about.